Recent Activities

  Groom Group Workshop

  Angan Wadi

  Mr. Matsushita Visit

  GGW Aligarh

  GGW Gaya

  Mobile Resource Center

  GGW Varanasi 16/08/06

  GGW Bokharo 16/07/06

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Photo Gallery

Recent Activities

LTC Bokaro 2012  

Training for Shibucho and Jun-Shibucho
on 14th March at New Delhi

Family Day
Drawing Competition Delhi Gatherings in Delhi office Family Day in Bokaro

Sports in H.P.

Medical Camp in Gaya Mr Nakajima in Muzaffarpur Sports in H.P.




Reiyukai India Japanese Language School

Free Japanese language classes in Gurgaon, India

Schedule & Course Information




Tree Plantation, Muzaffarpur Tree Plantation, Muzaffarpur  

Groom Group Workshop

GGW in Aligarh GGW in Garwal GGW in Begusarai

GGW in Jehanabad GGW in Muzafarpur GGW in Sujangarh

 Angan Wadi

Anganbadi in Andamns AWC front view Bimblitan Aganbadi Activities
Anganbadi Activities    

Shibucho Jun-Shibucho Training on 2nd March 2008


 Mr. Matsushita Visit

Farrukhabad Office Along with members in Farrukhabad
Members in Muzaffarpur

At Members House in Bokaro Along with members in Bokaro  

Groom Group Workshop, Aligarh 11th March 2007


 Groom Group Workshop, Gaya 16 Sept 2006


Reiyukai Care : Launch of Mobile Resource Center, Chennai July'06


Groom Group Workshop, Varanasi, 6th August'06



Groom Group Workshop, Bokharo, 16th July'06



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