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Mr. Sanjay Srivastava, Farrukhabad

My name is Mr. Sanjay Srivastava. My Oya is Mr. Sushil Dahiya. I belong to the 4th Branch of Reiyukai. At present I have more than 1500 members under my Shibu. I became a member of Reiyukai in year 1993 and right now I am qualified as Shibucho. I have got two chances to visit Japan. I was born in Fateh Garh town, dist Farrukhabad in Uttar Pradesh. In my family, I have mother, father, 1 elder brother and sister in law and 2 younger sisters.

I have done my basic education from Fateh Garh and higher education from Agra and Kanpur. I joined Reiyukai through the connection and medium of Mr. Sushil Dahiya. Mr. Dahiya used to visit Fateh Garh with a member of central government Mr. Salman Khurshid.

In the process of visiting Fateh Garh, Mr. Dahiya started making members in local area. To make this process moving faster, he used to hold general gatherings from time to time in Fateh Garh to spread the teachings of Reiyukai. During the meetings, he used to discuss the primary aims, objectives and activities of organization running through out the India.

During that time, I was a student of Agra University and a head of student welfare society. Like other young political guys, I was also associated with Mr. Salman Khurshid socially and politically. I was by nature very violent and quite aggressive. One day Mr. Dahiya told me to attend a general gathering.




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Today, I accept one fact very honestly and gently, that time, after joining the organization as a member I had no interest in the organization and its aims and objectives. From time to time, activities were held and just to fill the formality I participated in the gatherings.

After one year, Mr. Dahiya invited me to attend a gathering organized at his residence in Delhi. In the gathering, there were many senior leaders of the organization who were sharing their personal experiences and were talking about their shortcomings and discussing their future plans. When my turn came, in order to show myself great and to leave an influence on everybody, I started talking about my experience in the influential way, which was in fact a bundle of absolute lies. Everybody appreciated me for my experience. But huge appreciation could not leave its impact on me because I was not feeling satisfied and happy that I was supposed to feel that moment. I was feeling guilty in a corner of heart for my false narration and a voice was coming from my inner self that I don’t deserve all this appreciation.


At the same time, a thought struck to my mind that without doing anything and by only talking good things, if I am getting huge applaud & respect then if really try to do something good than I will receive more appreciation, self-satisfaction and true happiness. That day I decided to practice Reiyukai teachings earnestly.

During my practice, I realized my negative approach and tried to eliminate them with the practice of sutra recitation and Michibiki with others. I began to hold my personal gatherings with my Kodomo and started reflecting upon myself.

These new changes and ideas brought some revolutionary changes in my working attitude and life style. Gradually I earnestly started walking on the path through which I could try to chase the aims and objects of Reiyukai. My newborn changes influenced my friends and fellows also. Positive changes came into my political and social life and activities. My financial condition began to rise up. Earlier, where I had temporary source of earning now with the support and good wishes of every one I have proper set business that is going on well.

After gaining the knowledge about the spiritual aims of the organization, earlier where I never thought of my ancestors now I offer my gratitude to my ancestors everyday. I gained the sense of appreciation and respect for my parents as result of which now I am sharing a close and warm relationship among family members. I am constantly getting the regular co-operation and love from my parents.

I am now actively participating in social activities undertaken by the organization thereby attaining self satisfaction and happiness, which is precious for me. All these achievements seem helpful in elevating my social, spiritual and financial levels. With these gradual and effective changes, I have gained the trust of my seniors. My Oya Mr. Dahiya and senior leaders are constantly handing over new responsibilities to me. With this immense trust and support, I have visited Japan twice. My experience in Japan was quite inspiring and self-motivating


During my visit to Japan, many facts about Reiyukai practice became clearer and I have experienced and learnt many new things. In Japan, I experienced the miraculous feeling in Shakaden and Mirokusan. I came across the general life style of Japanese people. Japanese people are by nature mingle with others very soon, host their guests perfectly, have a well structured life style, are hardworking, have cleanliness, are aware about nature, and their sincerity with words and towards, others miraculously creates a source of inspiration for others.

In Mirokusan, rhythmic chants of “Namu-Myohorenge-Kyo” create a freshness that justified ones attitude. During the international gatherings in Shakaden and Mirokusan, members with their wet eyes and pure heart shared their experiences and created a spiritual atmosphere where bad merits like arrogance remove themselves and confidence boosted to such an extent where a person himself determined to work for society and motivated to change his personality itself.

After coming back from Japan, and with the support and co-operation of my Oya and seniors, today we are actively organizing the medical camps like health camp, free eye checking camp, education activities like scholarship to brilliant and poor students and speech contest, cultural activities like dance competition & family day and sports activities like table tennis tournament in Fatehgarh. We are also holding the regular gatherings for the spreading the real teachings of Reiyukai to the general mass.

Now it is more than 14 years, I am associated with Reiyukai. Everything is becoming clear. Negative approach seems weakening in front of positive approach. Today, I am trying to be a part of people who are constantly looking for their inner-self development, the people who are providing the richness to human life by their good deeds.

By: Mr. Sanjay Srivastava
From: Farrukhabad.



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