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Awareness is based on discovering oneself and what is best for one through experiences and reflection.

Learning about oneself includes learning about our past. Just as we best understand the present by having a firm foundation in history, we will understand ourselves best by having a firm foundation of knowledge about our personal and family history. Our past does not only mean the various events that have taken place from our birth to the present but also includes events affecting our parents, grandparents and other ancestors even before we were born. More than blood connects all the lives of these people to attitudes, their lifestyles and affect us as well.

As we become conscious of the connections we have with our ancestors, we gain an appreciation of how much those lives have affected our ideas, attitudes and lifestyles. Furthermore, as we mature we accumulate patterns of behavior based on prior experiences, which effect our actions.




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Psychologically speaking, the genetics information from our ancestors combines with our individual life experiences to create certain attitudes, inclinations and tensions called “inherited aspects”. These “aspects” reside in an internal storeroom in our “sub–conscious”. These sub-conscious aspects influence many of our feelings and actions. Since they exist at the sub-conscious levels we are not aware of them, so we can neither identify them nor control them, but we are influenced by them nonetheless.

Here the Reiyukai method is of great help. On the one hand, Reiyukai practice helps us to become aware of these “aspects”, and on the other it helps us perpetuate the “positive” ones and reject the “negative” ones. Reiyukai Practice helps us understand, through the Inner Self Development process, that what past action has created, future action can change: we can change those aspects we do not like and enhance those, which we do. This is done through the practices of Ancestor Remembrance.


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Sep'08 -Dec'08
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