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Having an understanding of our inner self is not enough to create a change in it. It requires perseverance and determination, more importantly; enough positive will power to change.

As long as the self-centered nature of our ego leads us to isolate ourselves by caring for or worrying about only our problems, the unconscious momentum of self-centered actions that negatively influences our behavior will continue to grow stronger. To overcome it, Reiyukai teaches us to develop a strong, positive force of will to enable us to change our behavior patterns. To do this, first of all we must change our perspective and instead of caring only for ourselves; we should try our best to care for others. The first step in creating this caring attitude is to try to open our mind when we recite from the Blue Sutra. From this comes a feeling of appreciation for all beings and things, because everything has an irreplaceable role in the entire interconnected network of existence. Development of this “altruistic” attitude is an essential part of the Innerself Development and Reiyukai Practice.

As we become conscious of the connections we have with our ancestors, we gain an appreciation of how much those lives have affected our ideas, attitudes and lifestyles. Furthermore, as we mature we accumulate patterns of behavior based on prior experiences, which effect our actions.  




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Daily recitation from the Lotus Sutra, while envisioning and making a determination to act for the well being and betterment of others as well as ourselves, gradually starts to produce an altruistic counter force to counteract the self-centered force of ego. Each effort will bring us positive feelings of satisfaction for having realized some improvement in ourselves – feelings that are reflected in our way of being and in our interaction with the people around us. They see and react to our new behavior and tell us of the changes they have noticed, providing us with proof that our improvement process is working, and also with motivation to continue our efforts. Thus the people around us become an important part of our improvement effort, and that is how the sharing aspect of the practice begins.

Through Michibiki or guidance we can act towards the benefit of not only others around us, but also towards improving our own selves. Not only can we show our friends or members (people whom we have introduced to the Reiyukai), how to access and illuminate their own inner selves with the ancestral Sokaimyo and the Lotus Sutra. We can also change our own basic mental attitude in our interactions with them, by introducing them to the Reiyukai. While recitation of the Sutra helps us to bring our latent subconscious elements to the surface and makes us more receptive to the realities around us, Michibiki helps us to understand how these elements affect our actions and interpersonal relationships and enables us to improve them. We cannot see our own eyes without the aid of a mirror, likewise our mind also needs something external to reflect its image. Through Michibiki we come to realize that the people whom we interact with reflect our weaknesses and strengths through their negative or positive responses.

In Michibiki we observe the effect of our actions and behavior from the viewpoint of others. As long as we persist in our viewpoint, we cannot observe ourselves objectively.

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In the process of introducing others to the practice, we shall be coming across people similar to us in many ways as if exemplifying the English proverb “Birds of the same feather flock together”. When they disclose their weaknesses, we will see that we also have the same weaknesses. Since weaknesses observed in others appear in the sharper focus, we can know the nature and causes of our common weaknesses more easily.


Thus we are able to work more objectively towards rectifying them. It is very difficult to overcome our weaknesses by the force of our mind alone. However, the process of helping our members to overcome their weaknesses through our sincere efforts and actions bring us in turn the strength to overcome our own weaknesses. That is, our efforts and actions originally meant for helping members to overcome their weaknesses change our own mental attitudes in a positive way; and the continuation of this process makes this positive mental attitude a part of our nature.

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